Our philosophy is all about healthy, beautiful and well maintained trees!

SIA“Arborists” is a company that started in 2003. We are the first and most experienced company in Latvia that specializes in tree care and tree cutting. We provide services related to everything in the life cycle of a tree:

Tree planting

Crown care and shaping

Damage prevention

Damaged tree rescue

Dangerous tree removal

Wood chipping

“Arborists” – it's a quality guarantee. Our team consists only of experienced professionals. Over the last 20 years we have grown and gained experience, introduced dvanced technologies and obtained a wide rangeof satisfied customers. Several employees of the company have practised in Europe and obtained aninternationally recognised ETW certificate. Our highly qualified team is ready to carry out even the most difficult tasks for you.

By entrusting your trees to us, you can be sure they will be in the hands of professionals, and your property will stay safe and even more eye pleasure.

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Avārijas situācija!
Avārijas situācija!

Šonedēļ veicām avārijas koka zāģēšanas darbu. Koks bija uzkritis uz mājas jumta, lūzšanas iemesls bija trupe koka sakņu zonā. Vizuāli bija redzams, ka koks vairākus gadus bij...

Koku ciršanas aizliegums
Koku ciršanas aizliegums

Vai esat ieplānojis veikt būvniecību un nepieciešama koku zāģēšana? Tad iesakām pasteigties un neatlikt to uz vēlāku laiku. Straujiem soļiem tuvojas pavasaris un periods, kad stājas spēk...


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