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What is the arborist?What is the arborist?What is the arborist?What is the arborist?What is the arborist?What is the arborist?

What is the arborist?

Our philosophy contains the idea of healthy, beautiful and properly cared trees.

"Arborists" is a company created in 2003. We are the first and most experienced in our field of work – taking care of trees. Our services include everything that's bound with life cycle of a tree, starting with planting, shaping the crown of the tree, averting damage and ending with cutting down dangerous trees and removing vaste products.

Arborist (tree worker) fulfills the tasks which are connected with planting and care of public and individual trees and shrubs, crown forming and cutting. Arborist removes devastation caused by wind and other factors, dangerous trees which threaten buildings, electric power lines, roads and other objects. Arborist knows trees and shrubs and can use technologies, agrotechnical measurements and methods of work at height, which are necessary for planting and care of trees and shrubs. 

"Arborists" it's a quality guarantee, because only professionals are working on our team. As the time goes, we have accumulated experience, introduced newest technologies and obtained a wide circle of statisfied customers. Some of our workers have had pracitce in Germany and Denmark and obtained ETW (European tree worker) sertificates.

We are proud of our high qualified team, who can do even the most complicated work. We are constantly improving our techniques and equipment, and as a result our client gets the best ratio of safety, money and price.

By trusting your trees to us you can be sure, that they will be in the hands of professionals and your personal property will get even more beautiful and be safe. 

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