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We suggest doing professional tree care – beginning from tree planting till the end of its life.

Quickly and in high quality we fulfill:

  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Tree and shrub care after planting
  • Sapling care and crown forming
  • Large tree replanting
  • Tree protection from mechanic damage
  • Tree roots protection in building sites
  • Cutting branches
  • Forming tree crown
  • Cutting tree crown
  • Thinning out tree crown, forming light profiles
  • Cutting hedge till 18 m at height
  • Decorative forming of tree crown
  • Pulling together parts of stem and branches, projection and installation of stay systems of different levels of difficulty
  • Tree wound care, including – begetting of splitted bark
  • Cutting dangerous trees (near wires, above roofs, in cemeteries and other places where it is impossible to get at with a lift)
  • Utilization of timber, branches
  • Extracting, milling of stumps
  • Improvement and greening of the refined territory

We use special arborists’ equipment at work.
Work is performed qualitatively, quickly and safely. 

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